The Library Catalogue is called KRISALIS and can be accessed via the Internet. It contains all the bibliographic records of all the resources available in the USM libraries. Users may search for library resources and check loan status as well as placing reservation on circulated books and renewing loans using KRISALIS. KRISALIS workstations are available at Level 1 and Level 2 of the Library.

The library provides conducive reading area that accommodates 400 seating to users at one time. Seats are available at Level 1 and 2 of the Library.

The Library provides 6 discussion rooms (2 at Level 1 and 4 at Level 2) that must be reserved at the Circulation Counter. Usage is allowed to a group of a minimum 3 users at one time for two hours. Late return of keys will be fined 60 cents for every hour. However usage period may be extended by renewing the loan of room keys at the Circulation Counter.

There are 10 carrel rooms at Level 2 of the Library. Usage is limited to Academic staff and Postgraduate students who must register first at the Circulation Counter for the room keys. A payment of RM 10.00 per semester and deposit of RM 20.00 is required for each room.

The Library provides 2 viewing rooms at the Media Services Unit that can be reserved for use at the Media counter. Reservation must be made at least an hour before using the room.

Located at Level 2, it can accommodate up to 80 seats at one time, and is appropriate for functions like workshop, seminar, briefing, video show and lecture. The room is equipped with LCD projector, viewing screen, Internet access and portable PA system.

The computer lab consists of 25 units of personal computers with full Internet and online databases access. Users are required to abide by the regulations as stipulated by the Library.

Self-service photocopy machines are available at Level 1 and Level 2 of the Library. Users may also go to a fully operated Photocopy Centre located at the ground floor outside the Library building. However, users must ensure that Library materials are properly checked out at the Circulation Counter.
Photocopy cards are available at the Photocopy Centre at minimum price.
Users are reminded that all publication published in Malaysia are not allowed for photocopy as stipulated by the Copyright Act 1987.

The room is located besides the entrance of the Library. Users are fully responsible for the safety of their belongings.

Public wireless network access (WiFi) is currently available in the reading area of the Library. Users are required to register their names and obtain permission passes at the Circulation Counter each time before bringing their laptops into the Library.

The Library provide a one-stop information kiosk to users, available at Level 1 of the Library.